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There are many key elements to look at for the effective management of the multitude of pests out there. 


The first emphasis should always be on prevention. Here at Complete Pest Control we aim to avoid or limit the use of pesticide treatments where this is possible and to achieve cooperation through prevention. In order to do this, we look more closely at:


- Pest-proofing buildings to seal entry-points for pests both in the building as a whole and in individual units.

- Improving housekeeping in kitchens, break rooms, restrooms, and offices.

- Using exclusion devices to prevent access of pests to food and water sources.

- Educating building occupants to gain their support for pest prevention.

A proactive approach to pest control is the most effective strategy. Don't wait until you have a crisis. Good housekeeping, pest proofing, and monitoring are the best ways to prevent rodent problems.

Call us today so we can discuss a convenient time to visit you and implement the necessary program.

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